AuroLase for the
Ablation of Solid Tumors

Nanospectra’s proprietary technology, addressing a market trend towards safer, less invasive therapies, has come of age with complementary MRI/ultrasound fusion imaging. The company has moved product into the clinic and demonstrated clinical safety and efficacy in patients. AuroLase Therapy for the ablation of prostate tissue may control the middle ground between active surveillance and radical therapy with its superior safety profile and cost-effective approach compared to surgery, radiation or traditional focal therapies. Further, the technology is extendable into other cancer conditions.

Performed on an outpatient basis, the AuroLase procedure results in significantly fewer side effects enabling the patient to return to a normal lifestyle within days versus weeks. In addition, patients lose no follow-on clinical options.


The following includes selected scientific publications regarding the underlying Nanospectra Biosciences technology.