The following includes selected scientific publications regarding AuroLase® Therapy and other commercial applications of AuroShell® Particles (also known as nanoshells).

AuroLase Therapy for the PhotoThermal Ablation of Tumors

“Feasibility Study of Particle-Assisted Laser Ablation of Brain Tumors in an Orthotopic Canine Model.”
Schwartz, J.A., Shetty, A.M., Price, R.E., Stafford, R.J., Wang, J.C., Uthamanthil, R.K., Pham, K., McNichols, R.J., Coleman, C.L., Payne, J.D.
Cancer Res 2009; 69:(4), 1659-1667.

“Selective Prostate Cancer Thermal Ablation with Laser Activated Gold Nanoshells.”
Stern, J. M., Stanfield, J., Kabbani, W., Hsieh, J., Cadeddu, J.A.
The Journal of Urology. Vol. 179, 748-753, February 2008.

“Photo-thermal tumor ablation in mice using near infrared-absorbing nanoparticles.”
O’Neal, D.P., Hirsch, L.R., Halas, N.J., Payne, J.D., West, J.L.
Cancer Letters. 2004 Jun 25; 209(2):171-176.

“Nanoshell-assisted tumor ablation using near infrared light under magnetic resonance guidance.”
Hirsch, L.R., Stafford, R.J., Sershen, S.R., Halas, N.J., Hazle, J.D., West, J.L.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 100 (2003): 113549-113554.

“Nanoshell-mediated photothermal therapy improves survival in a murine glioma model.”
Day, E.S., Thompson, P.A., Zhang, L., Lewinski, N.A., Ahmed, N., Drezek, R.A., Blaney, S.M., West, J.L.
J. Neurooncol., 2010 Nov 26 [Epub ahead of print].
AuroLase Therapy as an Adjunct to Radiation Therapy or Imaging

“Modulation of in vivo tumor radiation response via gold nanoshell-mediated vascular-focused hyperthermia: characterizing an integrated antihypoxic and localized vascular disrupting targeting strategy.”

Diagaradjane P., Shetty A., Wang J.C., Elliott A.M., Schwartz J., Shentu S., Park H.C., Deorukhkar A., Stafford R.J., Cho S.H., Tunnell J.W., Hazle J.D., Krishnan S.
Nano Lett. 2008 May;8(5):1492-1500.

“Photothermal detection of gold nanoparticles using phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography.”
Adler D.C., Huang S.W., Huber R., Fujimoto J.G.
Opt Express. 2008 Mar 31;16(7):4376-4393.

“Two-photon-induced photoluminescence imaging of tumors using near-infrared excited gold nanoshells.”
Park J., Estrada A., Sharp K., Sang K., Schwartz J.A., Smith D.K., Coleman C., Payne J.D., Korgel B.A., Dunn A.K, Tunnell J.W.
Opt Express. 2008 Feb 4;16(3):1590-1599.

“Near-infrared resonant nanoshells for combined optical imaging and photothermal cancer therapy.”
Gobin A.M., Lee M.H., Halas N.J., James W.D., Drezek R.A., West J.L.
Nano Lett. 2007 Jul;7(7):1929-1934.
Other Commercial Applications

“Surface-enhanced Raman scattering on tunable plasmonic nanoparticle substrates.”
Jackson, J.B. and Halas, N.J.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 101, 17930-17935 (2004).

“Temperature-sensitive hydrogels with SiO2–Au nanoshells for controlled drug delivery.”
Bikram M., Gobin A.M.,Whitmire R.E. and West J.L.
Journal of Controlled Release, Volume 123, Issue 3, 20 November 2007, 219-227.

“Optically controlled valves for microfluidics devices.”
Sershen, S.R., Ng, M.A., Halas, N.J., Beebe, D., West, J.L.
Advanced Materials, 17 (2005): 1366-1368.


Scientific Publications