AuroLase® Therapy combines the unique physical and optical properties of AuroShell® particles with a near infrared laser source to thermally destroy cancer tissue without significant damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

AuroShell particles are investigational at this current time and only available through designated FDA sanctioned clinical study sites.

The potential primary benefit of AuroLase Therapy is the highly selective and rapid tumor destruction with minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissue. Preclinical studies have demonstrated that AuroLase Therapy is effective and causes no detectable systemic toxicity. Additionally, this therapeutic device may be used in combination with and could increase the effectiveness of standard chemotherapy and radiation.

AuroLase Therapy is comprised of three components:

  • an off-the-shelf near infrared laser source
  • an off-the-shelf interstitial fiber optic probe for delivery of the laser energy to a site near or inside the tumor, and
  • the investigational AuroShell particles, a near-infrared absorbing, inert material designed to absorb and convert the laser energy into heat.

AuroLase Therapy may be used with an FDA-cleared laser that emits near infrared energy with the clinical study specified parameters (power, duty cycle, treatment time) and with an FDA-cleared fiber optic probe for energy delivery percutaneously. AuroShell particles (also known in the literature as “nanoshells“) consist of a gold metal shell and a non-conducting, or dielectric, silica core and serves as the exogenous absorber of the near infrared laser energy delivered by the fiber.


AuroShell Particles (Investigational Use Only)

AuroShell particles are administered intravenously and because of their small size they are specifically able to enter the tumor through its leaky vasculature. This process is known as the enhanced permeability and retention effect and is well documented for many solid tumors. The particles are unable to exit normal vasculature and therefore do not accumulate in healthy tissue. After the particles accumulate in the tumor, the area is illuminated with a near-infrared laser at wavelengths chosen to allow the maximum penetration of light through tissue. The AuroShell particles are specifically designed to absorb this wavelength and convert the laser light into heat. This results in the ablation of the tumor.

IV Bag of Auroshells used in AuroLase Therapy Individual AuroShell Particle used in AuroLase Therapy