Nanospectra Biosciences is a private company founded in 2002. Nanospectra has an exclusive license from Rice University to eleven issued US patents related to nanoshells and related commercial uses of these and other nanoparticles. While there are numerous therapeutic, diagnostic, and industrial commercial applications, Nanospectra is focused on the development of AuroLase® Therapy utilizing AuroShell® Particles for the precise, particle-based thermal ablation of solid tumors.

Nanoshells were developed in the laboratories of Naomi Halas, PhD, at Rice University in the 1990’s. In collaboration with Jennifer West, PhD, of Rice University, a series of life science applications were envisioned which led to the formation of Nanospectra. Formal operations were commenced to commercialize these applications. Nanospectra has an open Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) with the U.S. FDA to evaluate the safety and efficacy of AuroLase Therapy for the treatment of refractory or recurrent head and neck cancers. The use of AuroLase Therapy in other cancer types is under development.

We are advised by a group of world-class researchers and healthcare entrepreneurs. In addition, we have been awarded peer-reviewed federal grants and awards exceeding $6 million to develop AuroShell particles for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and for other diagnostic and commercial applications. Additional funding in excess of $6 million has been raised from angel investors, private investment funds, and the Texas State Emerging Technology Fund.